Rose of south

Definition: it is humanitarian organization located in the south countryside of Aleppo, which is not involved with political matters,and working to provide assistance to all the poor and needy people  who are affected by the Syrian crisis, without any discrimination between persons or on the basis of religion, race, color, caste or gender, the organization is independent in all fields of its activities in  Zammr  area and adjacent areas.

The Organization has launched since 2014 with  5 staff  in addition to the two principal volunteers and has a warehouse and centre office.


Assembly is nonprofit organization , and It aims to provide free services as following:

1. diverse aid to those in need (orphans, widows and the poor and needy).

2. contribute to the implementation of educational, rehabilitation and training programs by the establishment of courses for needy recipients.

3. contribute to development and maintenance of public facilities.

4. to provide social services and the creation of residential role that serves the community taking care of children, the disabled, the elderly, and other groups in need.

What distinguishes Rose South Association?

1. hardworking and faithful staff.

2. Periodic visits for people with special needs.

3. planing a long term startigical policy.

4. cooperation with all orangizations and partners of the public interest.


- Project of winter blanket: this year was the distribution of more than 600 blankets.

- Project of school bag each semester, for each grade level.

- providing fest in fasting month project yearly.

 Future Projects

- The distribution of health materials.

- Searching for and digging artesian well project (under study).

- Recycling project(under study).

Department of family counseling:

  1. establishment of the social reform department and clearify its missions and purposes.
  2. Dealing with family disputes before getting to the courts.
  3. contribution to reduce spinsterhood ratios and the high cost of marriage especially dowry cost.
  4.  overcome some obstacles in  reconciliate trials amongst families.
  5.  Support and  strengthen the family relations amongst the members of families.

And protection of the individuals and society of behavioral deviations and corruption.