Syrian women for progress and prosperity

Who we are?

In women's gathering , We are interested in by all affairs of Syrian women in all social, cultural and health fields, and we work  to help them in their daily activities in voluntary gathering missions, and we provide them free services for all girls and women from the age of 15 years and up.

Place and Time: the Gathering began its activities in May of 2015 in the city of Hyan which is one of the large cities in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The status of women in general: during the four years of warsyrian people were very affected in negatively manners, but the greatest impact was on women as the main pillar in the community of  learning.

The woman was presistently denied and prevented from studying and working in some fields of work, which affected on the financial situations of the syrian famlies, making the most of the Syrians under poverty line, causing very bad psychological impact on women, especially for those who lost husbands and their breadwinners or forced to displace and live in harsh conditions and become in very miserable situations.

The importance  :the importance of gathering women Syria prosperity and progress raised from the hardness of the situation described as a result of long and intolernt war, it was established to give the women new horizons and is believed to be the place of security and comfort for learning and acquiring experiences, re-integration and adaptation to the  current community by free after an opportunity to find the appropriate action that would help them to preserve their livelihood and its source.

Our activities:

providing Training courses to women and girls over the age of fifteen on sewing and various handicrafts.

Establishing of a special course of manual knitting of wool using the Needle and awl.

Establishingt a group of learning and educational courses for women (nursing,  first aid, English language, beautification and housekeeping courses).

We established a kindergarten for children from age 4 to 6 years.

We established a simple sewing workshop with  small number of girls and women who trained through our courses.

Our Goals:

1-To organize the energies of women to join their efforts in order to avoid and get rid of  social barriers that prevent the development of women.

2- To raise the awareness among women in the countryside and promote their cultural and political level and develop their expertises .

3- To provide social ,economic and the health services for women in relation to its role as a housewife and a producer membe in the community.

4- To take care of Syrian women outside of Syria, and to establish contact channels with them in oreder to strengthen cooperation.

5- To fight all forms of discrimination, violence, and exploitation against women  during this war .

 6- To Contribute in order to reduce the illiteracy level and spread the concept of the importance ofsustanable  slef-learning models.

Our future:

We hope to establish educational kitchen to provide training courses to women and girls and support the practical housekeeping courses, besides to develop and support the sewing workshops to include the largest possible number of women who will and want to work.

we are working to establish "Objdety"  to spread the Literacy among women and girls who were late in learning to read and write, and a course to teach the Turkish language, and to establish another kindergarten to fit in with the increasing numbers of children.