Committee of social solidarity

Definition:  Is a humanitarian social organization located in KafrHamra, and is not involved in any military group or political party, It is working to serve and help all the Syrian people groups - affected by the Syrian crisis and current events- without any discrimination between indiviuals or on the basis of religion, race, color, sect, and sex,  The organization  has  financial and administrative independence, and its  activities are based in KafrHamra area in, The Committee has launched in the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Objectives: we aim to serve more than a hundred thousand beneficiaries by services committee works to promote education in Syria and promoting the educational process to include all the basic needs of education in unstable circumstances, It is also working to support and promote the generation that who should be moral, dependable, and stuck to cultural values,so we support them by the Koran institutes,which also aims to activate the role of young people to serve the Syrian society, which contributes to give them the entrepreneurial spirit and tender.

  • Characterized by:

1. the quality of projects motivate the students with experiences and promote them to have  active role in the community.

2. Urging  young generation to memorize the Holy Quran, supporting them with the necessary skills for the right understanding of the meanings of the Holy Quran to keep away from disintegration and extremism.

3. Attracting young people in the community to volunteer work as teams.

4. Implementing many projects in the region in cooperation with a group of local and international organizations.

5. Finally, We are proud of the solidarity committee management that operates in educational or humanitarian fields as well as experienced staff.


*  committee Solidarity distributed quantities of refined fuel oil , coal, and heating materials to the people during warm winter campaigns in Kafr Hmrrh.

* It launched and managed a lot of cleanliness campaigns in the city.

* It distributed food in Ramadan month titled "Ramadan another and better  with the Committee of Solidarity ", besides the distribution of food in compains -like "from you to you copmagin" and "we do our best to help all of rest"- to support the poor people especially in Feast periods.

* Distribution of health materials and detergents.

* It launched competitions in memorizing and learning of the Holy Quran and presented awards for outstanding students.

* Distribution of free bread and flour.

* Distribution baby milk for children in the city of Kafr Hamra.

* Launching Vaccine campaigns in Kafr Hamra and in adjacent areas.