Nartaqe tech institution

Introduction: promotion of the technical level has become imperative in the opposition areas, particularly after the migration of the most qualified engeeners and people, as a result of this miserable situation we have established this center to exchange experiences and improve the technical level in the area and for the young.

Definition: it is a technical and educational center aims to exchange knowledge and experiences in the fields of information and the development of human resources and and qualify staff in various fields and in the entire Syrian territory.

The mechanism of work in the project:

  1. locate the suitable place for  training site that contains all the services required for the project and easy access point from all regions of Aleppo (present address- Aleppo –Huraytan- behind the infirmary building of Syrian team for progress and prosperity).
  2. Placing the framework of  every training course by supervisors then lauching advertising campaign for quick access to make the training course accessible for all people (this idea is to work as regular basis).
  3. determine the current staff in the training course and staff required by Nartaqe tech in all training courses.
  4. Determine existing requirements and needs by planning table in detail with the expected costs for each separate timetable. 
  5. Determine initial and basic information form for each person who is applying for the training program.
  6. The staff in the center put the timetables for the training after providing the needs of each group and program.
  7. The search, planning, development and media design team in Syrian team for progress and prosperity is essentially responsible about launching and monitoring the work plan of Nartaqe tech Institute especially in the initial stages of work.
  8. The search, planning, development and design media team in Syrian team for progress and prosperity is cooperating with the management team and Institute Management to choose the rules, procedures, and instructions in the institute periodic meetings and work rules of the global educational organizations and academies.
  9.  Determine the stage of development of the Institute in the future and starting of the  academic and professional work by the Management of Institute.

Nartaqe tech aims to:

The first stage: The project aims during the first year to achieve the following

• Literacy in the field of IT education and some rules of computer usages to people of 16-22 years old, to more than 2,000 people.

• To develop the learner's abilities to makehim or her quilified to work on image processing programs all of its collections (Photoshop, After Effect .......) to more than 400 people, butit is accessible to those who has basic literacy.

• Training and development capabilities of the learner on programs produce videos to more than 50 students and trainees, and so everyone has an investigator for the conditions of accession to the training program.

The second stage: Turning to Nartaqe  Academy:

And this stage is planned and anticepated for the period after the end of war. in this stage we hope to be characterized by promoting to academic work and various technical fields aiming to get graduated highly qualified students with authorized  certificates by international recognized institutions.

• Move towards establishment of a generation of professional programming languages.

• Work on the graduation of groups of professionals in design and editing on more than one program.