Syrian team for progress and prosperity


the Org was established in 2011, in Huraytan (northern countryside of Aleppo), It is working in various fields of philanthropy and humanitarian relief, and It was one of the first relief offices in the area, It has proven its merit since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Syrian teams for progress and prosperity have 5 Warehouse and 75 staff.

Syrian team for progress and prosperity aims to:

  • provide humanitarian services for IDPs, poor families, widows, the elderly, and the disabled in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
  • Contribute to literacy.
  • Provision of health and free medical services.
  • To make the Free education through (schools, kindergarten) popular and easy to reach for the poor and the hopeless.
  • Support and promote the stance of women, children, and the family.

Characterized by:

  • The ability of the team to work under pressure and access to beneficiaries in areas that barely reachable.
  • Qualified staff of all fields (teachers, engineers, economists ....).
  •  Free education and health.
  •  Non-discrimination, equality policy, and transparency work.

Activities :

Relief: distribution of food kit and non-food items (tents, mattresses, blanket, Clothing….) since more than three years among the most affected families (displaced and resident).

Health: the most important projects of the medical is the free pharmacy that offers free medicine for all patients via medical prescriptions, and free clinics (gynecologic, Dental and leishmaniosis).

Education: There are nine schools for Syrian team for progress and prosperity, with more than 1800 students and 90 teachers.

Special Need's Office: which supports more than 200 people of the special needs in the northern countryside of Aleppo by nappies, food kit, hygiene kits and all other necessities.

Child Protection: it is executed by kindergarten in Huraytan consists of 2 classes, of more than 100 children and four teachers.