Alfurqan organization


Furqan is Awareness, philanthropy and developmental organization , which works in the liberated areas (the areas that controled by the opposition groups-Syrian Free Army), and it aims to raise awareness among members of society, and to provide relief and services,  supporting cultural and rehabilitation of public institutions and facilities, Desiring to raise the scientific and intellectual level of the individuals in society.

The Organization was established in 2011 in (western countryside of Aleppo), and It manages 6 Warehouses with 90 staff.

Relief Activities:

The organization has distributed huge quantities of food and hygiene kits, baby milk, besides NFI items (tents, mattresses, blankets , clothing) to our people in Syria, and the organization has implemented several relief campaigns in Syria (green campaign, Spring good campaign, Okbaddna campaign,  the distribution of kerosene camps North campaign, campaign loaf of dignity,and  relief campaign to the displaced …).

The last project was the IDP relief villages, and in the city of Mare and the adjacent areas in the countryside of the northern Aleppo.

The organization provides 20 thousand dollars a month to the orphans in Syria.

Health Activities:

Furqan organization provides medical kits and equipments inside Syria, and distribution of free medicines and It estasblished treatment center for people of special needs, provided with the necessities (disabled chairs, crutches, other supplies).

 Educational Activities:

The Institute for teaching of the Holy Koran has been launched with 1900 students, provided with a library books for reading inside and oustide of it, beside establishing  several kindergartens in partnership with several international organizations.

The Service Activities:

1. Implementation of the electricity project in the western countryside of Aleppo.

2. burrowing and investigating for water in the city of Aleppo.

3. establishing of the tile factory in the countryside west of Aleppo.

4. establishing detergent factory in the town of  Dara Aza.

5. Implementation of several cleanliness projects in the countryside west of Aleppo.

Child Protection:

The Organization takes care of about 400 orphans monthly, paying more attention and careful treatment to children of special needs. and the Organization has been established several education centers for them, distributing baby milk and diapers.